Was There Really a Zombie Invasion in London in 1599?

1599, London, England, a comet smashes into the city triggering a zombie outbreak and invasion. Sounds like the beginning of a nice piece of historical fiction, but I came across this video that claims to be:

“A true and accurate documentary about the 1599 Zombie invasion of London.”

I found it because someone was actually trying to verify if this zombie attack in London was real or a hoax.  Aside from the marginal acting and mish-mash of pictures and evidence of the zombies, just the fact that I’d never heard these events immediately told me it was not real.  I checked it out anyway because some quick google searches of “zombie invasion London 1599” seemed to present more questions than answers.

First of all, I don’t want to insult the actors in the video, but the acting and production while above amateur, show the “documentary” is clearly not a professionally produced piece for television.  So I looked a little deeper into the purpose of the video since it is obviously meant to get attention for something other than just spoofing people.

The YouTube video  that I saw contained links to a website for a theatre company in Philadelphia called Plays and Players.  From their site:

Plays & Players Theatre is one of the oldest theaters in continuous use in the United States. It was designed and constructed in 1912 by famed Philadelphia architect Amos W. Barnes. Beginning as The Little Theatre, it has also been known as the Delancey Street Theatre (1920) and The Philadelphia Theatre before being known as Plays & Players Theatre.

So I figured it must be a promotion piece for the theatre.  Looking at the post date of the video, it was put up on February 1, 2009.  ZOMBIE! The Musical opened in September of 2009, leading me to the obvious conclusion that it is meant to be a promotion for the play.

Case closed. Hoax. Debunked. Fake. False. There was no Zombie invasion in London circa 1599.

Sorry kids.

Spread the Infection!
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